Overview & Approach

Our positive approach to working with each child:

The curriculum addresses the major issues common with special needs children and identified by the Nation Academy of Sciences as essential:

Goals for programming:

Calhoun Consulting LLC’s trained therapists work one-on-one with each child. This allows them to closely monitor emotional responses in order to match the difficulty of the material and method of instruction to the child’s ability level and rate of learning. Supervision of each child’s program is provided by one of our BCBA’s with regular progress reviews done monthly.

In addition to the individual ABA programming we will also be conducting monthly team meetings, parent training, as well as, programs to address problem behaviors and a range of behavior analytic services are offered. Our focus is on helping your child gain skills in all areas of life so that we may provide them with the opportunity to live a vibrant life.

We provide behavioral assessments, parent training, program supervision and quality monitoring for ABA services.

​Information Related to Scheduling and Sessions

Every team has a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a lead behavior technician designated to your family. The BCBA may or may not have direct one-on-one sessions but they will supervise all behavior technicians, as well as, oversee the entire team and programs.

Sessions for ABA services will vary depending on services provided in the clinic vs. at home (see below for more details about each). The research is clear that longer sessions result in greater retention and this makes scheduling more convenient for all parties. For in home sessions, a parent or legal guardian is required to be present and available throughout the session(s).

Services for in home sessions are as follows:

2 or more sessions a week with a behavior technician

1 session a week or bi-weekly of direct services by the BCBA

1 session a month (at least) wherein the BCBA supervises the behavior technicians during their session 

1 session a month during one of the behavior technicians regular sessions dedicated for a team meeting

Services for the clinic are as follows:

Clinic Services

1 to 6 hours per week

½ Day Program

15 hours or less per week

Full Day Program

15 to 30 hours per week

After School Options

1 to 6 hours per week